Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah, I suppose I could describe myself as a dog, animal and outdoors enthusiast!  I live in West Scotland with my husband, three children, dogs, horse and other pets. As a family we all enjoy hill walking, fell running, horse riding, Canicross and Agility amongst other activities, this means our dogs have to be athletic, capable and of even temperament. Our dogs live in our home and work and play with us, they feature in our daily life and are my soul mates when my husband is working away.

rainbowdogsMe with Claude, Bracken & Cleo

Originally from Lancashire I grew up in the Pennines surrounded by sheep farms and got my first dog Shadow a working Border Collie for my 9th birthday. Since then I have never been without at least one dog even while having 3 young children, naturally the Border Collie was the breed of choice for many years. While my children were babies and preschool age we were down to one Border Collie our old boy ‘Bracken’, but when the children turned school age we decided after much research to get Standard Poodles, we had admired their versatility, athleticism and excellent temperament and decided that this breed would be great around the children.



  First and foremost our dogs are family pets that we enjoy doing activities with. However, being an enthusiast: I sometimes produce the occasional ‘hobby’ litter based upon careful planning to complement the breed and develop desirable characteristics for pets and modern-day dog sports.  As a lot of planning and vision went into the breeding of my own dogs I am looking to complement this by hopefully producing happy, healthy, well-adjusted pups who will provide their new owners with as much pleasure our dogs have brought us.

I enjoy the whole process from researching the pedigrees to finding well matched parents, to rearing beautiful, healthy puppies that are a credit to the breeds that I love. I also make use of appropriate health testing to gain as much information as possible about my dogs which in turn helps make informed choices about breeding strategy.

Our dogs are either UK Kennel Club Registered, ISDS Registered or Dual reg which means their breeding COI, health testing, and ancestry can be traced back.




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